What is the methodology behind crafting the nectar of the gods?

in 13 feb 2023

The process of craft wine making with a week 4 wine kit requires a clean and sanitized environment with components at room temperature. The first step involves mixing the ingredients in a large primary fermenter, followed by adding the juice base and filling it to 23 L with cool drinking water add an airlock with a half-filled sulphite solution so gas can leave durning fermentation.

The wine must be kept in a warm area (20-25°C) for 14 days for stabilizationizing and degassing. On Day 14, the wine is syphoned into a clean carboy and stabilizing agents are added. The wine must be cleared and polished over the next 26-54 days and stored at 11-18°C. Finally, the clear wine can be bottled, corked, and stored upright for 3-5 days before being stored at a temperature between 11-18°C. Optional steps such as filtering or adding potassium metabisulphite can also be taken for better results.