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Washington State Walla Walla White Blend

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Sip, Savor, Repeat. 

Attention homebrewers, crafters, and winemaking enthusiasts! Dive into the Washington State Walla Walla White Blend – an unparalleled amalgamation of choice white grape varieties. Designed to pique the interest of the discerning palate, this blend boasts a medium body shimmering with bright acidity. As you sip, let your senses dance amidst a bouquet of fresh flowers and zesty citrus. With each gulp, surrender to the captivating notes of succulent peaches, ripe pears, and crisp apples. Not just a drink, but an experience, this wine's crisp acidity lays the foundation for a pristine finish, promising both sophistication and accessibility.

Key Features: 

  • A harmonious fusion of handpicked white grape varieties.
  • Bright acidity intertwined with a medium body.
  • Bouquet brimming with fresh flowers and citrus notes.
  • Palate paints a picture of peaches, pears, and apples.
  • Versatile pairing options suited for diverse cuisines.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How does Walla Walla White Blend differentiate from other white wines?

  • It's a unique combination of choice white grape varieties offering a balanced fruitiness and minerality.

2. What is the ideal serving temperature?

  • Aim for 52-56°F (11-13°C) for optimal aroma and taste.

3. Recommended food pairings?

  • It pairs brilliantly with light salads, seafood, and hearty winter dishes.

4. Is this wine suitable for aging?

  • While crafted for immediate enjoyment, it can mature gracefully over 1-2 years.

5. Does it lean more towards fruity or floral?

  • A harmonious blend, you'll enjoy both fruity and floral notes in balance.

6. Is the wine sweet or dry?

  • It offers a sophisticated medium body, balancing sweetness and dryness.

Note: Crafting a perfect wine evening? Keep in mind equipment and supplies are separate essentials. This wine, inspired by Washington's essence, is diligently packed in Canada.


ASIN: B093QR22R7

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