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Washington State Malbec

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Bold. Balanced. Breathtaking.

Introducing the essence of winemaking artistry for the homebrew, craft-making, and wine aficionado: Washington State Malbec. This full-bodied red embodies the audacious spirit of the Malbec grape variety, delivering a palatial symphony of dark fruit notes encompassing blackberry, cherry, and plum. Subtly interwoven with a trace of spice, this wine guarantees a rich and immersive encounter. Its firm and velvety tannins make it the quintessential partner for robust meats and piquant cheeses.

Key Features:

  • Dominant dark fruit essence, with blackberry, cherry, and plum at the forefront.
  • Gentle infusion of spice, enriching the tasting experience.
  • Firm yet velvety tannins ensure a well-rounded palate.
  • Ideal for pairing with robust meats and strong cheeses.
  • Ensures a luxuriant, full-bodied wine experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How does Washington State Malbec differ from others?

  • It harmoniously balances bold fruit flavours with subtle spice undertones, reflecting Washington's unique terroir.

2. What's the optimal serving temperature?

  • Best savoured when served between 60-65°F (15-18°C).

3. What food pairings enhance its flavours?

  • Robust meats, bold cheeses, and earthy dishes complement its profile perfectly.

4. How long can I cellar it?

  • While immediate enjoyment brings out its vibrant character, cellaring for 5-7 years can add complexity.

5. Is Washington State Malbec a dry wine?

  • Absolutely, it offers a dry and full-bodied wine experience.

6. Can it be used in winemaking blends?

  • Certainly! Its bold character makes it a favorite for enhancing blended wines.

Note: To embark on your winemaking journey, remember equipment and supplies are sold separately. This wine, though inspired by Washington's signature profile, is packed with pride in Canada. 


ASIN: B093RN49K3

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