What are the must-haves for crafting the ultimate artisanal vintage?

in Feb 13, 2023

For the artisanal winemaker, the right equipment is essential in creating a bespoke and truly one-of-a-kind vintage. A proper equipment kit should be curated with thought and intention, featuring only the finest and most authentic tools to elevate your winemaking process.

Starting with the foundation of the fermentor, opt for a minimalistic 30-liter primary pail, complete with a chic and understated lid. The carboy, whether in sleek glass or earthy plastic, should hold a mere 23 liters, adding to the intimacy of your winemaking experience.

Accessorize with the perfect bung and airlock, to keep the magic happening inside your fermentor under wraps. A hydrometer, complete with a test jar, will ensure precision in measuring the specific gravity of your wine.

Stir in style with a simple yet sophisticated spoon, and transfer your wine with grace using a chic racking tube and a chic 6-foot siphon hose. Monitor the temperature of your wine with an elegant thermometer, and sterilize with a touch of class using a sterilizing solution fit for a true winemaking connoisseur.

Embrace the beauty of the winemaking process with the perfect equipment kit, crafted for the modern-day winemaker with a touch of hipster flair